Monday, September 16, 2013

Hello Week

Hello trying to get back into the habit. I've fallen off the blogging wagon and I'm trying to get back on.

Hello Husband's new job. We're super excited for you!

Hello lots of activities with the Biscuits. Seriously. Lots.

Hello Mom moving to Beaumont... and crashing with me for a bit.  Two weeks was actually fun.  A month? We can do it.

Hello new Pinterest plan.  Once craft a week from each child's board. We'll knock those suckers out!

Hello classic shows. Star Trek and Doctor Who.  Catching up on the oldies.

Hello hopefully making it to playdates and yoga class.

Hello almost fully planned birthdays.  I can't wait to execute you. Heh. That sounds menacing.

Hello stalker/stalkee.  I know you're there. Miss following you back, dearie. :)

Hello crazy massive changes.  You're very welcome in our life.

Hello crap ton of orders for Happie Berrie Treats. I seriously forgot how busy fall/Winter season get for crochet!  Halloween costumes, Christmas treats, and cutesie things to keep your head warm.

Hello blogging ahead of time.  I'm going to make this work.

What's new with your week?  Link me to your post or let me know in the comments!


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