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Friday, July 11, 2014

Love Your Cat Giveaway

It's giveaway time!
My cat would love all of these! Well.... Maybe I would love all of these for my Luna! Giveaway ends 8/5/14.

Love Your Cat Giveaway
Welcome to the Love Your Cat Giveaway from The Consumer AdviserIoniun and The Three Biscuits, and Kaisy Daisy’s Corner. The fabulous giveaway features top rated products that will make your life easier and cause your cat to meow with delight. Be sure to check out Top Cat Products to Spoil Kitty for more cat product ideas.
Cat Scratcher Lounge
Cat Scratcher Lounge
The rugged Cat Scratcher Lounge by Pet Fusion makes for a striking addition to your home by adding a little modern flare. Most importantly, your cat will take to the lounger in no time, making redirecting sharp claws away from valuable furniture easier.
Litter Loo
Litter Loo
The Litter Loo by New Age Pet keeps litter boxes hidden and offers kitty plenty of space and privacy.
Hidden Litter Box
Hidden Litter Box
With the Hidden Litter Box by Good Pet Stuff, cat owners can now dress up a bland corner in a room while providing kitty with a nice roomy interior.
Kitty a Go-Go
Kitty a Go-Go
Kitty a Go-Go may of very well be the first stylish litter box. The various styles add a little something to any decor, and Kitty a Go-Go is spacious enough for kitty, yet small enough to tuck away.
Simple Solution 30-Day Super Absorbent Cat Litter
Simple Solution 30-Day Super Absorbent Cat Litter
Simple Solution 30-Day Super Absorbent Cat Litter from Simple Solution is a litter that absorbs urine and removes odors for up to thirty days.
Feed Safe
Feed Safe
The Feed-Safe Feeding Station from Feed Safe is the perfect solution for keeping cat food safe from predators such as the family dog.
Love Your Cat Giveaway Prizes
Who wants to win these great products?!!
What you will receive:
Grand prize (Continental US only):  Good Stuff Hidden Litter Box, Litter Loo by New Age Pet, choice of Kitty A Go Go or Feed Safe, Pet Fusion Cat Lounger and a box of Simple Solutions Cat Litter. Nine additional winner will receive a 15 lb box of Simple Solutions Cat Litter.    If the Grand prize winner is from Canada they will receive the Pet Fusion Cat Lounger and a box of Simple Solutions Cat litter, a second US winner will be drawn to receive all the all three litter boxes.  ..and of course nine additional winners(US/CAN) will receive a 17 lb box of Simple Solutions Cat litter.
Over $500.00 in fine cat products
Use the easy entry form to enter this giveaway.  For your tweets to count they must be open to the public and not protected.  
Only one mandatory entry, the extras are there for the folks that want to increase their odds.
To enter for your chance to win the Love Your Cat Giveaway, simply click here:
 and it will take you to the Giveaway Tools form. Good luck!

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Blah-De-Blahs

This week has been an emotional roller coaster, and not even because anything trying has happened.

I've had a hormone surge, it's drug me through depression and listlessness.  I've been doing nothing but yoga and reading it seems like.  I feel blah.  It doesn't help that we're in Mercury Retrograde either. -sighs-

This week, I've been sleeping a lot.  Berry picking was cancelled.  I missed today's yoga class because Husband had to work late.  We got his truck fixed, only for our water heater to spaz out.  Father in law hooked up our new dishwasher, which is fantastic.  Tomorrow we're going to Moody Gardens.  Some of my newly favorite people are traveling in Vermont for Wanderlust.  I'm totally jealous, but excited for them.  Good thoughts!

I'm just feeling abnormally lonely.  I have all these things I want to post about.  I have friends, and good things.  I'm just so sad lately.  It's weird.  I don't enjoy it.  I just want to sleep through it.  Luckily, little people need me and don't allow me to completely indulge in my melancholy.

I'm hoping I'm going to pick back up over the next few days/week.  I need to.  I feel better when I keep up with things.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hello Week {June 17}

This Week's Mantra:  Hold it together!

Hello, new dishwasher.  You've messed up my routine, but boy, do you make things more simple.

Hello, new found inversion and arm balance abilities.

Hello, drive to be better.

Hello, lots and lots of books.

Hello, trip to Moody Gardens. That's going to be fun.

Hello, fur baby homecoming.  I need it to be NAO.

Hello, tidy home.  I cleaned everything yesterday!

Hello, new bedtime rules.  We just need a little more structure.

Hello, Rockstar's CD Release party!  I'm so excited for him!

What awesome plans do you have this week?

 photo helloweek_zps711460c9.jpg

Currently Wishing {Volume 8}

Currently Wishing {Volume 8}

Thinking About: how excited we are to get Luna this week.  It's going to be wonderful having a fur baby again.

Reading: The Walk-In Closet. Look for the review next week. and Orange is the New Black

Listening To: our new dishwasher going.  That's a nice sound.

Watching: Scandal Season 3.  I've already seen it but gah so good.

Thankful for:  Yoga.  Every day.  It centers me.  It drives me.

A Mama Collective

My Weekly Wishes

Last Weeks Wishes
  1. Continue making my daily yoga challenges. I love being in the studio. Like a second home.  This is going great.  I even made the workshop this weekend, and learned a fantastic new pose!
  2. Be the best fur baby Momma possible. She's not here yet!!!!  -impatient-
  3. Knock out this gorgeous order I just received.  The flippin yarn is on back order!  Must find an alternative!
  4. Try not to let stupid comments get to me so much. I'm trying.
  5. Let the light in.  I just really need some positive in my life. Working on it.  Hard.

This Weeks Wishes
  1. Get back into my groove.  I feel like I'm slacking in everything that isn't yoga.
  2. Finally make it to our breastfeeding photo shoot.
  3. Get some oil concoctions made up.
  4. Finish up the books'n'bloggers swap.
  5. Revel in our two car household.  That's soooo pleasant.
The Nectar Collective

Friday, June 13, 2014

When They Surprise You - Unschooling

So, we've been frequenting a site called Teefury.  Adorable freaking shirts.  Soothe my nerdy soul.  I just recently got a Game of Thrones shirt in and Husband's Cowboy Bebop shirt for Father's Day.  I also couldn't help myself the other day and ordered a couple more Game of Thrones shirts that were on sale.  They're UH-mazing.  A while back, Brother got a 007/pokemon crossover shirt that was pretty great.

Every day they do a t-shirt stand off.  Yesterday, it was a Pokemon/Darwinism vs Pokemon/StarWars.  Both pretty freaking cool, but this Darwin design really stuck with me.  I went back and forth all day looking at it and debating on buying it.  (I'm really thinking about doing so now actually.)  
Finally, I drug brother in the living room to the computer to show him what I'd found.  I was excited.  I was given a simple "Oh, those are cool."  >.>  Little less than I expected.  I mean he used to be a crazy Star Wars fanatic and he'll always be a Pokemon fan.  He said the Star Wars crossover was alright, then perched on the couch to poke on his ipod.  

I was like but hey!  This shirt is really cool because Darwinism!  That's Darwin and he made the theory of evolution and and and look Pokemon. Evolution. haha get it?  -keeps babbling-

He held up his hand. "Mom. I know what the Theory of Evolution is.  Have for a long time now.  I get it.  I don't need a shirt."

Me -sputters-  "But But... it's cool... -deflated-  How do you know about Darwinism?"  

He stands up, never glances up from his ipod, "A Pokemon forum, Mom. We talk about that stuff all the time."  Then he walked to his room.

I was left there blinking. "Oh."

They never stop surprising you.  Wow.

The Skinny on My Week

It's been a good week.  Pretty uneventful.

I'm keeping up with my yoga challenge.  I've missed two days due to traffic and husband having my car, but what can you do.  I won't lie though, I was pretty upset.  But, making the classes I did, made me feel a lot better.

We've had ridiculous troubles with cars.  My honda is having hiccups where everything turns off for a split second as I'm driving down the road and then comes right back on.  It's terrifying and only happens when I'm driving.  Cute, right? -.-

I'm looking forward to an inversions workshop this weekend at the yoga studio.  We'll be focusing on arm balances, handstands, etc.  They're my favorite.

Some friends came into town over the week.  I was really glad to get to see them, though we didn't catch up all that much.

My mother got engaged.  When she got divorced nearly 15 years ago, I never thought she'd be serious with anyone again.  Then she met our wonderful Stieber (kids nicknamed him.)  He's the best thing since sliced bread. Let me tell you.  I'm so happy for them.  And they'll move in their home at the end of the month.  That's right!  Those crazy kids already bought a house.  And it has a salt water pool.  Guess where we'll be the rest of the summer? haha! Swimming out those yoga aches.

We pick up our new furbaby some time next week.  Waiting for her to get spayed is torture.  I'm so ready to have my cream puff in my arms.  I get regular updates since her foster mommy is my yoga instructor. Apparently she was super playful tonight.  I'm jealous. haha  I've already ordered her litter box and picked out her food.  Her names is Luna. So, I've got a celestial collar picked out and a galaxy charm to make it snazzy.  I can't wait!

I'm breezing through books lately.  It's an elating feeling.  Knocking out crafty projects.  On my current list are a bombshell dress, some yoga pants, a zafu pillow, floor cushions, and yoga bolsters.  I should really finish my knitting, but I'm on a sewing kick.  It comes in spells.

As usual, I'm stressing about money, but I know deep down, below all the turmoil, things will work out just fine.  Stupid cars.  I'd be perfectly content trucking around on my bike if we didn't live ten miles outside of town. -sighs-

I got my partner for the book swap.  She seems really cool and I'm looking forward to swapping with her.  I've got a couple of giveaways coming up over the next couple of months that will be nice.

Hrm. I think that's all.

What's been happening with you?

Five Minute Friday - Messenger

"So, here’s the skinny: every Friday for three years hundreds of people have joined a kind of writing flash mob that I host at my blog.
It’s open to anyone and everyone. Aspiring writers, closet poets, moms in the carpool lane waiting to pick up kids. It’s a chance to drown out the voice that tells you you’re not good enough, or talented enough, or well-known enough to qualify as a writer.
We write for five minutes flat. All on the same prompt that I post at 1 minute past midnight EST every Friday. We write for joy and celebration of the written word."

The Topic is Messenger.

I've realized, recently, that I've become a messenger of sorts.  Maybe a message facilitator?  If I'm not spreading the green message, the yogi message, the essential oil message, I'm helping my children.  I help them share with others the message of their feelings.  The message of their moods.  If they can not, then I am their messenger.  I help them express to whom ever what needs to be said.  I carry the messages of my little loves and all that is important to me.  The things I feel the world can benefit from.  I am a messenger for my family, for my business, for my friends when they can't do it themselves.  I am a messenger for animals who can't stand alone.  I am a messenger for the things I feel need a voice and for the things I feel need to be fought for.  

It's a good job, being a messenger, though it can get tiresome. Sometimes, you can lose your voice or the words.  Sometimes, you wonder why you bother.  Other times, you happen upon feedback that sends you through the roof.  You reached someone, something. Made a difference. And isn't that the whole point in being a messenger? To get through.  To shine that light.  To share your experience.  I'll never not be a messenger.

Five Minute Friday

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